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OCUM Rest api


1. Can i get specific fields with the api of ocum?

2. How can i obtain fields that are not present on the api? e.g the cli command "lun serial -x" presents the Hex-Serial of the lun, But on ocum api i cant get even the serial number of the lun (which i can convert it to hex later then).






Re: OCUM Rest api

1. If you go to https://<AIQUM server hostname>/docs/api/ you can see the (in my opinion, fantastic) API documentation, which includes a list of filters which you can use to restrict API output to relevant data.

2. I don't believe you can use the API to obtain data from fields that aren't available on the AIQUM API. However, you may be able to get the info by querying the cluster directly using its own REST API (there is even a "pass-through" call that you can use to pass CLI commands directly if there isn't an API call currently available for your use case). 



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