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OCUM Version 5.1 disappeared

Hi folks,

Anyone of you know the reason why the OnCommand Unified Manager Core Version 5.1 is disappeared from the download page ?

There are only the version 5.0.2 and the 5.2RC1 available ...

Thanks for feedback



Re: OCUM Version 5.1 disappeared

Hi Rene,

     The general practice is to have one version of GA and FCS/RC in the support site for download of a product.

Starting  5.2 the release model is changed from FCS then GA to RC then GA(similar to ONTAP).

5.1 was a FCS release which got replaced by 5.2RC release.

The replacement of 5.1 by 5.2RC has nothing to do with the quality of 5.1 but just a general process being followed.

5.1 can still be downloaded by going to the bottom of software download page and selecting OCUM.

Hope this helps.



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