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OCUM performance statistics export

Hi, I run Unified Manager 7.2P1 and I need to export the statistics for IOPS, latency etc. Pretty much what you find under Performance/volume/details but I cant find any button or link to do so? Is there some other way to do it? I find no reports that helps either. Kind Regards Daniel


Re: OCUM performance statistics export

Running 7.0 so can't say what changed compared to 7.2 but don't you have a 'Reports' tab under HEALTH? Or would you require something else?

Re: OCUM performance statistics export



Thanks for trying to help!


I have looked at the reports but I might be missing something. Say I would like to the volume X iops for the last 10 days prefarably as csv, I find no report that can do that, maybe its possible to create a custom one but I have no clue where to start.



Re: OCUM performance statistics export

you can go to performance tab then choose 'Storage' > 'Volumes' then set the time range but this is not exportable AFAIK... so yeah OCUM for a start is good but as soon as you want granular information about your KPIs (growth, iops) it's not ideal - I believe they are holding out so you'd buy netapp insight.

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