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OCUM recommended installation platform

We can deploy OCUM on a Linux server, on a Windows server, or as a virtual appliance on a VMware host.
What is the recommended installation platform? 


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Re: OCUM recommended installation platform

The OCUM best practice guide has a recommendation:

Section 3.1.



Re: OCUM recommended installation platform

We will choose the platform to install OCUM

Which one would be suggested now? 


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Re: OCUM recommended installation platform

Hi GuoSyuan,


as always - it depends...


Here my opinion:


1) vApp - the easy way

It's a hardened and closed, easy to deploy and run instance of OCUM. You don't need to maintain or add any packages to get the service running (in fact you even can't).

The vApp generally falls under 1-year full support, followed by limited support. Hence you would need to plan for yearly updates.

Security updates, also for the underlaying OS are delivered with new OCUM/vApp version only.

As the vApp has limited possibilities due to its hardening, using scripts in combination with alerts is limited to non-existent.


2) Linux & Windows - the flexible way

You install the OCUM package on the server and OS you prefer. You are responsible to maintain software and packages to keep them compatible with OCUM, but you also have the option to apply security patches to those packages as you need or your organisation forces you to do.

The OCUM packages for Lin/Win have the same support model as ONTAP, meaning 3yrs full support for odd releases and 1yr full support for even releases, both followed by limited support. Hence you may only need to plan for updates once every three years or just align with your ONTAP update strategy.

You can use any scripting language as you can install any package you like.


No preference over Linux or Windows other than your preferred scripting language (e.g. PowerShell is limited on Linux).


regards, Niels



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Re: OCUM recommended installation platform

Dear Niels

Thank you for providing a clear explanation, We can clearly understand the maintenance thought and the life cycle of the OCUM.


Many thanks again


Re: OCUM recommended installation platform

I am running OCUM as an applicance, works very well and is easy to install

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