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ONTAP 9.7 with nx-os version 7.0(3)N1(1)


We having AFF 8020, and also Nexus 5672UP with version 7.0(3)N1(1)


According to what I saw on the Cisco-Netapp Matrix, it seems that this version is not mentioned there. [and also the switche's model]


But, I'm trying to understand if it can cause some issue. and if so, what can it be. only Mgmt GUI issues ? because we are working with our Netapp only with NFS and CIFS and not SAN.


So from my perspective I think there shouldn't be a problem with upgrade to 9.7

Do you think different from me ?



Thanks in advance



Re: ONTAP 9.7 with nx-os version 7.0(3)N1(1)



Is the Switch only used for management? What is the current version of Ontap you running and is it working with the current 

switch and version?


Not seeing the switch model and firmware version, in the Cisco-NetApp matrix does not mean that it is not going to work; but we are not sure as it has not been tested.



Re: ONTAP 9.7 with nx-os version 7.0(3)N1(1)


Right now we are on 9.5 , and it's working.


Yes, it's only for Management purpose.


That's what I thought, that it should not affect anything.


Thanks !

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