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OSSV LREP baseline - import into OnCommand (DFM)


Active reader of these forums for years but think its about time I started contributing. Really hoping someone can provide some advice.


We Installed and configured the netapp host agent on a windows server but I understand this isnt actually required now?

We setup OSSV (version 3.0.1)  on the same windows server on a site with a slow WAN link. Configured NDMP credentials and port.

A baseline transfer was done with LREP to a second system which was then brought back to our central offices

the LREP was written back to the netapp and relationships updated to allow incrementals (all good so far)

The last peice was to import all of this into OnCommand protection manager to setup schedules and retentions

OSSV wizard was run, host agent details and NDMP details all accepted ok (after much trial and error!)

Dataset created OK

I then tried to apply a protection policy for remote backups with an associated schdule and rentention. I try and assign resources manually (as I already have the relationship).

This is where my problems start and I get the following (picture below). What am i missing? does DFM support this setup? If I need to assign a resource pool this will only work for provisioning a new volume which I dont want to do!

I understand how I can provision new storage to do the baseline transfer and we have indeed done this on fast WAN links but we needed to use LREP to get the initial 500GB over. how can I link it all up?

Any advice massively appreciated



Re: OSSV LREP baseline - import into OnCommand (DFM)


I am happy to answer any questions if my above post doesnt make sense

Re: OSSV LREP baseline - import into OnCommand (DFM)

Hi Will,

    All you will have to do is this.

  1. Create an empty dataset
  2. Apply remote backup policy to the dataset.
  3. Now go to the External Relationship page and select the OSSV LREP relationship.
  4. Click on the IMPORT button and follow the wizard.

For an existing relationship pls don't add them as resources to the dataset. Instead in case of existing relationships you one should always import using the import wizard.



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Re: OSSV LREP baseline - import into OnCommand (DFM)

Thank you for the advice.

I followed what you suggested but the OSSV snapvault relationship isnt listed in my external relationships. I am sure I am missing something obvious. does the OSSV server need to be added to on command somehow to see these relationships or should I see it via the secondary filer which is already setup.


Re: OSSV LREP baseline - import into OnCommand (DFM)

to clarify the relationship between the windows server with OSSV and the secondary netapp filer is in place and shown on the filer by running snapvault status

however it isnt listed in oncommand as a relationship

both the OSSV server and the secondary filer are setup in oncommand

I am so close! any ideas?

Re: OSSV LREP baseline - import into OnCommand (DFM)

Both OSSV and Secondary Filer needs to be added to OCUM and ndmp as well as credentials needs to be setup for the same.

Once done run dfm host discover <hostname> for both.

Also is the secondary created on a vfiler ? If so is it via vfiler interface or physical filer interface ?



Re: OSSV LREP baseline - import into OnCommand (DFM)

Both are added to OCUM and the ndmp credentials are setup and reporting ok

the ports are different on the OSSV server as I couldnt use 10000 but it report ok

many of the relationships shown on the filer with a snapvault status are not showing

I read this article about naming conventions: could this be related. attached is an extrat from my filer CLI and a photo of it not showing in the external relationships view.

No vfilers are in use

thank you for your help so far.

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Re: OSSV LREP baseline - import into OnCommand (DFM)

I am making some progress

I have had to install OSSV a number of times from back in step 1. it seems that the reinstall removed all the config and relationships. What files and folders should I backup if I do this again.

my problem was the snapvault showed on the netapp but didnt exist on the windows server.

I have started the whole process again on another system as a test and I can how get the relationship to show in external relationships which is promising. now to try and create the dataset and import it

I will post back with results shortly

Re: OSSV LREP baseline - import into OnCommand (DFM)

Working. thank you so much. now I just need to work out how to change an NDMP password (created a new thread) on an already installed OSSV system. and also what files to backup to keep the config if re-installing OSSV

Thanks again

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