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Object not found



I have an instance of OCUM6.3RC1 running for several months now which is monitoring several clusters including a MetroCluster.


On Tuesday due to some MetroCluster testing, an event popped up that indicated the ISLs of one fabric being down (which was one of the tests that had been performed).


But when I open the event in OCUM, the following error message appears:




As such I cannot aknowldege or resolve the event as the very same error re-appears.


Looks to be some kind of DB inconsistancy.

I already perfomed rediscovery of bot clusters in the MetroCluster configuration.


Any idea how to remediate?


Thanks and regards, Niels


Re: Object not found

Hi Niels,

I have the same problem at my customer.

The only possibility to resolv the problems with OCUM 7.1RC1 with the OVA is :

 - delete the 2 clusters in the manage Cluster

- Add the 2 clusters after.


The  event will be not present in the MetroCluster Connectivity View.

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