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OnCollect 1.0 Bug and questions



I just ran a couple of rounds of OnCollect. This seems to be a great tool, and just have a couple of quesitons.


1 - Potential bug?

When updating the "basic settings" under "Settings" menu, check "disable telnet" does not allow the save button to be "clickable".

When enable "email notification" checkbox, entering fields "SMTP host", "port", "Email notification receipients" does not trigger a clickable "save" button.



How do I get the "diagnostic" persona to appear 🙂




Re: OnCollect 1.0 Bug and questions

Hi ming,

    Thanks for the feeback!


'Disable telnet' toggle should work in switching the Telnet based collection on and off. There is a bug when accessed in Internet Explorer that the setting does not seem to get saved, UI switches back toggle. But it does save, can be verified using Firefox/Chrome.


'SMTP settings': Agree that we need to simplify this to not have to fill all fields to enable 'Save' button and a bug that it does not allow multiple email recipients. We will address this.


You could choose "diagnostic" from the Persona dropdown after selecting the required 'Type' and 'Subtype' in device-based data collection form. Few device types may not have a 'diagnostic' persona for collection. Is that what you are referring to?



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