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OnCommand 5.0 Host Package and SMVI

When installing the Host Package (must this be installed on the VCenter Server???)... It asks at one point about stopping the SMVI Backups...

This is where I've stopped the install, because I do not cepomletely get the picture what the CORE and the HOST are specifically designed for...

Also, do we need to uninstall VSC?


Thanks, Peter


OnCommand 5.0 Host Package and SMVI

Hi Peter,

Please refer the following link to know more about Host Package.

Also, refer the topic "Upgrading to the OnCommand Core and Host Packages0-->Upgrading to the OnCommand Host Package in VMware Environment" which give the details of the requirement and steps to be followed upgrade to Host Package.



OnCommand 5.0 Host Package and SMVI

Peter, in the Installation and Setup Guide that Malar references, there are also sections that describe the Core and Host Packages: "Contents of the OnCommand Core Package" and "Contents of the OnCommand Host Package". This information might help clarify some of your questions. There is also an architecture graphic in the "OnCommand architecture" section.

Please let me know if there are questions remaining that are not answered by the introductory information in the guide so that we know what to consider adding for the next release.



MEI Technical Writer