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OnCommand 5 backup failing

Hi all,

I recently upgraded from Ops Manager 4 to OnCommand Core 5.

Since then I have been receiving error messages, saying that my backup has failed.  This has occurred at every attempt for a backup.

The error is as follows:

Database Backup Failed
DataFabric Manager server SYD-WAS01-VM01
Error Error
Success/Failure status of a database backup operation
Database backup //syd-fas01-2020/dfm_backup$/dfm_backup_2011-11-21_00-00-01.ndb creation failed. Reason: Could not prepare the keystore file for backup

Has anyone come across this problem?

And/or -- does anyone know what a "keystore file" is?

Thanks in advance,



Re: OnCommand 5 backup failing

We ran into this same problem, you are putting the dump file in the root of the CIFS share.  For some reason DFM 4.0.2D2 and above do not like that.

Create a folder in the CIFS share and point your backups there, it should correct the issue.


- Scott

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Re: OnCommand 5 backup failing

Can you give us the output of dfm backup create -v.



Re: OnCommand 5 backup failing

Thank you, Scott!  That corrected the problem.



Re: OnCommand 5 backup failing


I occur this same problem or the exit code is the same. I have DFM in 5.2 verison running on VMware virtual machine. I did database backup with success when it was on default directory. I moved default directories with dfm datastore setup command (VMware virtual disk on VMFS). DFM successfully moved files and started, but since then I am unable to do backups. I got something like that from dfm backup create -v command:

C:\Windows\system32>dfm backup create -v

Disabling Performance Advisor.

DestinationPath = D:/dfmdata/dfmdbbackup/

TempPath        = D:/dfmdata/dfmdbbackup/dfm_temp_dest_dir/

InstallPath     = C:/Program Files/NetApp/DataFabric Manager/DFM/

DataPath        = d:/dfmdata/dfmdb//

LogPath         = d:/dfmdata/dfmdblog//

KeysPath        = d:/dfmdata/dfmenckeys//

PerfPath        = d:/dfmdata/dfmperfmon/

ScriptPath      = d:/dfmdata/dfmscripts/

RptPath        = d:/dfmdata/dfmarchival/repository/custom/

DBFileName      = monitordb.db

LogFileName     = monitordb.log

KeysFileName    = dfmenc.keys

ArchivePath     = D:/dfmdata/dfmdbbackup/dfm_backup_5.2_7Mode_2013-08-02_10-17-50.ndb

ArchiveTempName = tmp.backup.file.ndb

strDBFilePath= D:/dfmdata/dfmdbbackup/dfm_temp_dest_dir/monitordb.db

strDBLogFilePath= D:/dfmdata/dfmdbbackup/dfm_temp_dest_dir/monitordb.log

strKeysFilePath= D:/dfmdata/dfmdbbackup/dfm_temp_dest_dir/dfmenc.keys

Copying keystore for backup ...

File not found - dfmenc.keys

0 File(s) copied

Failed to copy keystore file to D:\dfmdata\dfmdbbackup\dfm_temp_dest_dir.

Enabling Performance Advisor.

Error: Could not prepare the keystore file for backup.

I created dfm_temp_dest_dir directory manually to check it was the problem but without success. Is this could be problem with double slashes on the end of those directories?

DataPath        = d:/dfmdata/dfmdb//

LogPath         = d:/dfmdata/dfmdblog//

KeysPath        = d:/dfmdata/dfmenckeys//

I checked those dirs and they are populated with data and missing "File not found - dfmenc.keys" is in d:/dfmdata/dfmenckeys/ directory.

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