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OnCommand API Services 1.2 no content

Hi All,


So i've installed the OC Api Services 1.2 on a RHEL 7.2 system. All is looking good and the interface is availible. 
I can see in the logfiles that it's also pulling information from the clusters. 

Unfortunaly when i do a test GET in the interface no content is shown. 


I'm getting the feeling that the data is not being saved in the database. 

Clusters are running:

NetApp Release 9.0P1 


Can someone advice what to check?




Re: OnCommand API Services 1.2 no content

So this morning i continued with my investigation. 
Turns out that browing directly to the url https://**.**.**.**:8443/api/1.0/ontap/aggregates returns the xml output i that suspected. 
But when i run the "Try it Out" command underneath GET /ontap/aggregates the response body is "no content"

Re: OnCommand API Services 1.2 no content

So..found the issue.
Appertently browsing with the host name in the url gives me the 'No Content'. When i do the same with ip instead of the hostname i get the results. 

Re: OnCommand API Services 1.2 no content

Same here. Thanks for the workaround.

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