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OnCommand Balance showing that disk response time has increased


Hello NetApp Community,

I am using OnCommand Balance and currently the disk utilization graph under Storage > aggregate [filer] > Disk Groups > aggregate [filer] is showing a significant increase in response time. Before July 24th 2014 the response time was always below the 10 ms mark and starting on July 24th 2014 till today the response time is consistently above the 10 ms mark. Can someone please explain to me How I would be able to pinpoint what caused the increase in response time on July 24th.


Arsen Bababekov

Enterprise Storage Administrator


Re: OnCommand Balance showing that disk response time has increased




Storage response times are subjective, and therefore, the response time acceptable for one set of applications (for example, a fileserver) might be totally unacceptable for another (for example, a DB server).
Have any new workloads been added to this disk group?



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