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OnCommand Host 1.1 Status Down

Hi All,

I had Host 1.0 installed and per the directions I read, I uninstalled it in order to move up to 1.1.  The 1.1 install went flawless, but now OnCommand shows that the service is down.  If I attempt to do a rediscover, those jobs fail with "Certificate Verify Failed, Detail SSl_connect error in tcp_connect. 

Any ideas on how to fix the service.  My guess is that it must be certificate related, so i tried to re-authorize the host.  This fails because OnCommand reports that it is already authorized.  I don't want to delete and re-add, but I did try it and I cannot delete it because protection is concurrently setup.

Thanks for the help.



OnCommand Host 1.1 Status Down

nothing like leaving out for lunch and coming back with fresh eyes .... might have been a better way, but this method fixed my problem by dropping to the cmdline on my dfm server:

dfm hs unregister -f x.x.x.x

dfh hs register x.x.x.x

All is good again. 

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