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OnCommand Host Package 1.1 Scalability

Hi everyone,

I was wondering whether anyone has already gathered some experience as for the scalability of the Host Package.

1. How many VMs we can theoretically support / run under one host package agent?

2. What are the Best practices for sizing? How many VMs per Host Package Service?

3. What is your Best practice in setting up Backup Schedules? Are you using VMWare consistency SnapShots?

Appreciate some feedback!

cheers chris

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Re: OnCommand Host Package 1.1 Scalability

I don't know about best practices, but it certainly chews through the resources - it's currently using 700MB for ~50VMs. Plus another 300MB for the SMVI portion. And it chugs for about a minute on a 3GHz Xeon (admittedly from 2004, so Nocona?) before actually starting the backup.

Also, I have word from Netapp support that OC Host will receive no further development, so you may want to reconsider deploying it.