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OnCommand Insight Brocade DataSource - PeerZoning



does anyone use PeerZoning in fabrics collected by the OCI Datasource "Brocade SSH"?

We are planning to, but I do not see any mention on the DataSource Matrix and also the infromation request with support did only yield mixed results.


Does anyone use it already and has some advice? PeerZoning is quite a nice feature, as it reduces the number of zones drasticaly, so less to maintain. And the later FOS versions are also supporting now the aliases, that's why we are drawn to this feature.


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cheers Ingo

Re: OnCommand Insight Brocade DataSource - PeerZoning

@INGO_REPINZ  are you still loking for the solution?

Re: OnCommand Insight Brocade DataSource - PeerZoning

@RajeshPanda , yes we do! Soon we will build the new Fabrics and there we are switching to PeerZoning. So yes I do seek a solution for this. We will use the aliases in the PeerZones, this optin was not available a long time, but in the more recent versions of FOS I was informed that it will be supported.


cheers Ingo

cheers Ingo