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OnCommand License migration query



We have installed OnCommand  version 5.2 on Red Hat Linux version - 2.6.18-371.12.1.el5.

However, now we are planning to move this OnCommand from Linux OS to Windows 2012 OS.

Hence we would like to know if the same license key(used on linux OS) be used on the Windows OS ?





Re: OnCommand License migration query

Hi Rajiv,


you can use the same license key. In fact when you backup the DFM database from the linux server and restore it to the windows host the same license is used anyway as its contained in the DB itself.

Please just don't run two installations with the same license key in parallel as this would violate the license agreement and mess up autosupport data which would make troubleshooting harder for our support center.


Regards, Niels


Re: OnCommand License migration query

Hello Niels,


Thank you for your reply.

This information would definitely be in handy.



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