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OnCommand Performance Manager Pairing status Bad


after moving ONTAP 9.1 cluster from OPM7 to OPM7.1 (different IP and server platform. not upgrade) we have a Pairing Status Bad - The credentials provided by Performance Manager for the user with Event Publisher role are either incorrect or Performance poll is not complete or has failed.


The cluster was not removed correctly from the old OPM.


cluster::*> application-record show


node01      app-OnCommand Unified Manager-2790b948-a649-4728-a0f7-632b08a904cf

                                {"id":"2790b948-a649-4728-a0f7-632b08a904cf","url":"https://localhost:443","version":"7.1P1","dateAdded":"2017-06-06 15:41:15.722","platform":"Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy)","hostFQDN":"localhost","lastCheckin":"2017-06-06 15:41:16.088"}

                                                   6/6/2017 15:38:53


node01      app-OnCommand Unified Manager-fb35f559-5945-4018-a1af-7cdfd4a49d04

                                {"id":"fb35f559-5945-4018-a1af-7cdfd4a49d04","url":"https://localhost:443","version":"7.0","dateAdded":"2016-11-25 08:55:06.395","platform":"Debian GNU/Linux 7 (wheezy)","hostFQDN":"localhost","lastCheckin":"2016-11-25 08:55:06.403"}

                                                   11/25/2016 08:55:02




Any idea how to fix it?

Thank you


Re: OnCommand Performance Manager Pairing status Bad



This is what you should do:


1. Shut down the old OPM

2. Log into the maintenance console of the new OPM 

3. Unified Manager Integration


Follow instructions on the console. This will "pair' your new OPM with the UM.


Let me know if this solves your problem.



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