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OnCommand Unified Manager StartTLS

Hi all,


I have deployed OCUM 6.3 and OCPM 2.0 in our vsphere environment.

With OCPM 2.0 it is possible to setup the mail authentication with StartTLS, but in OCUM it is not possible, there is only SSL.

But our smtp server doesnt support SSL.

I have setup seperate vms and bypassed the maintenance shell and do some work on the filesystem, but I can not send via starttls.

In OCPM, there is the file /opt/netapp/ocf/etc/ocf.conf

It contains the line "mail.smtp.starttls = true"

The File /opt/netapp/ocum/etc/ocum.conf in the OCUM doesnt contain this line.

Even when I add it via editor, it does not send via starttls, only normal (we allow login only after establishing starttls).

Any suggestions/hints?





Re: OnCommand Unified Manager StartTLS



An RFE has already been raised for this - BUG 814745. Kindly speak to your accounts team for further details.




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