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OnCommand Unified Manager v 6.2 (RHEL CLI not working)

Hello All,


I managed to sucessfully install the OnCommand Unified Manager version 6.2 on "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 7.1"

Everything is working fine.


But when i try to run any cli command it gives me the following error message.


root@server1# dfm version
Error: Unable to communicate with server. Please ensure the server is running.


I see that we have following commands available to us.


root@server1# dfm
Error: Incomplete or unknown command: dfm

dfm -- Lists available commands.

dfm version - Prints the software version.

dfm aggr - Manage aggregates on a storage system.
dfm alert - Create, modify, delete, test, and list alerts.
dfm autosupport - View and send autosupport transmissions.
dfm cluster - Lists managed clusters.
dfm datasource - Lists and edits datasources (used for configuring
connection to clusters).
dfm disk - Lists the managed disks.
dfm event - Event -- acknowledge, resolve, generate and query
details of events.
dfm fcptarget - List of managed FCP targets.
dfm igroup - Lists the managed initiator groups.
dfm interface - Manage ethernet interfaces on storage systems.
dfm job - Manage job commands.
dfm ldap - Configure LDAP authentication.
dfm lun - Edit and list the managed LUNs.
dfm option - Adjust global options.
dfm physical - Report physical space usage.
dfm qtree - Manage qtrees.
dfm relationship - Manage relationships.
dfm resource - Query and manipulate managed resources.
dfm run - Manage the execution of remote commands.
dfm ssl - SSL operations.
dfm storageclass - Manage storage classes.
dfm storageservice - Manage storage services to control protection and
provisioning strategies.
dfm user - Manage all the authorized users.
dfm volume - Manage volumes.
dfm vserver - Lists the Vservers.

This command lists all available commands and a description of what they do
for this release..



Is there any possibility that i have done something wrong in the installation or am i missing anything.





Re: OnCommand Unified Manager v 6.2 (RHEL CLI not working)

I see you logged in as root, and tried executing this commands.


The dfm commands do have execution permission only on UM users.


I assume, the UM user in your setup is "umadmin". If so, can you go to the CLI context for user "umadmin", by typing "su umadmin", and then execute the CLI commands.  It should work.



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Re: OnCommand Unified Manager v 6.2 (RHEL CLI not working)

Thanks Saravanan.

Re: OnCommand Unified Manager v 6.2 (RHEL CLI not working)

Forgot to tell you that, OCUM 6.2 on RHEL 7.1 is not qualified. If it works for you, its well and good.




Re: OnCommand Unified Manager v 6.2 (RHEL CLI not working)

Thanks Saravanan,


Initially i had it on RHEL 6.6, and i see some of the existing packages were of a older version and created some issues while rrdtool and sql installation. but i managed to do the installation and faced the same issue. I Didnt know that this is a user account issue not a package dependency issue.

and thats the reason i got my server upgraded to RHEL 7.1 and the installation went fine but the same issue.


But its working for now, thanks again 🙂

Re: OnCommand Unified Manager v 6.2 (RHEL CLI not working)

Hello All,


An additional Question for the cli of OnCommand Unified manager:

- Where can i get the OCUM CLI documentation?

- I am trying to create an Alert using CLI and could not get the list of resources that can be added to an alert.

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