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OnCommand & Ontap sims

Hi all,

What keys does OnCommand use to differentiate systems within each others in the DFM database ?

I have the following environment on my laptop:

- VM1: Oncommand on CentOS

- VM2: SIMBOX 8.1 (Hostname=YVOS & SytemID=4043470224 & S/N=4043470-22-4)

- VM3: SIMBOX 8.1 (Hostname=YVOS2 &SytemID=4043470224 & S/N=4043470-22-5)

=> the S/N was changed using the following command in SIMLOADER: set SYS_SERIAL_NUM="4043470-22-5"

VM1 was correctly added to OnCommand (as well as its vFilers)

When I try to add VM2, OnCommand states that VM1 is already in the database

Is there any way to fix this?



Re: OnCommand & Ontap sims


This is because VM2 & VM3 have SAME SystemIDs. For sims to be unique in DFM DB they need to be of different SystemID as well as Serial No. You can set them while the sims are booted first time after unzipping from download.

Please refer to thread : for how to change the IDs.



Re: OnCommand & Ontap sims

yes! it works

when I created my environment, I did not know that this had to be done at the first boot

thank you very much!