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OneCollect - Unable to connect to 7-mode

Using ActiveIQ OneCollect version 1.7 - unable to connect to 7-mode systems. 


Error received is ONTAPI Error executing system-get-info on ....


This worked fine on 1.6 - any suggestions?OneCollect7-mode Error.jpg


Re: OneCollect - Unable to connect to 7-mode

Hi Nick,

    Sorry for the late reply. The validation error can happen if ONTAPi(http) is not enabled on the 7-mode system. However, OneCollect does collect through SSH as well. So the ssh commands woud work if you proceed with the collection in spite of the validation error.

If you would want to enable collection through ONTAPi (zapi) below options need to be set on 7-mode.

options httpd.enable on

options httpd.admin.enable on



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