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OneCollect import - export

Hello to all,

A client has used Active IQ OneCollect tool 1.7 version, to export his infrastructure (Collection type device). The exported file is .xls type, Excel file. We cannot find any option to export the file to another file format (.csv .txt .tar.gz / .tgz / .zip / .xml.gz).

I'd like to import the exported file to Active IQ OneCollect tool (same version, 1.7) on my premises but I cannot find any option to import .xls file. Only .csv .txt on collection type import,  .tar.gz / .tgz / .zip / .xml.gz on collection type import file.

Is there any way to import an .xls file? Or to export in .csv .txt .tar.gz / .tgz / .zip / .xml.gz file types?


Thank you in advance.


Re: OneCollect import - export

@Θανάσης Are you still looking for the solution?