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Operations Manager FSRM Host agent in a LUN

I posted on Comp Chat as well..

We knew FSRM would report on a CIFS share, but not familiar with teh Host agent that can report on data files in a LUN.

I saw a response that the Host agents for FSRM in Operations Manager will report on Windows, Linux and Solaris File Systems in a LUN.

Does the LUN have to be a Share or can it also report on strcutured data files, purely looking at the size of a DB in relation to the size of the LUN?


Re: Operations Manager FSRM Host agent in a LUN

Hi Mike,

     What do you mean by Structured data file?

FSRM use Host Agent to collect Host side usage and statictics like, file size, access time, last user accessed, etc.

This can be done on CIFS shares,Mapped Network Drives(can be both Cifs Shares or LUN),Local Drive(C:/, D:/) etc in case of Windows boxes.

In case of linux and Solaris boxes they work on mount paths, which can even be luns, or nfs exported volumes or qtrees.



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