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Ops Man on VMWare Virtual Machine

In regards to the supportability of Ops Man when used inside a Vmware virtual machine, the admin guide currently states that “DataFabric Manager 3.8 does not support Vmware Vmotion and Vmware High Availability features”. I’d like to get a clarification as to what this means, i.e.:

DFM will stop working if the virtual machine is vmotioned to another host.


DFM will work if vmotion is used, however NetApp does not support it.


Re: Ops Man on VMWare Virtual Machine

The second.  We don't test it and will not help resolve issues that may arise if you vmotion a DFM server.  Part of the reason is we use third party components who tell us the same thing.  It's a shame, like everyone else I see the value and would like to tell you it works like a charm.

Re: Ops Man on VMWare Virtual Machine

We have DFM 3.8 loaded on a VMware virtual machine and it gets vmotioned all the time and we do not have any problems.  They might not support it, but I would not worry as everything works just fine.


Re: Ops Man on VMWare Virtual Machine

Covered here as well....

Mainly just a QC issue....we have quite a few customers running Ops Mgr in a VM with DRS enabled without any issues.

Re: Ops Man on VMWare Virtual Machine

Hi OM Test Team,

I observerd a significant performance degradation when using Ops Manager with Vmware ( Also Vmotion enabled) at one of my customers place. The Ops Manager VM had 4 cpu's & 6G RAM. They had DB size about 6g with perf enabled. They use PM to manage thier backups.

When VM gets vmotion and that too during the last phase of Memory bit map migration, the dfm services will go down & up automatically. This hard to identify, but I did saw that. If you have email alerts configured for dfm service, you can observer that.You have carefully watch the service list during the memory bit map migration process of vmotion. When dfm services does not respond during the vmotion phase, pm will take a hit too. That will eventually impact the backup ( SM/SV) jobs in an enterprise environment. Usually in a enterprise environment they'll have SM/SV jobs running 24x7.

I think it's worth testing it & advising the customers about it.

Mc Satty