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Ops Manager 5 support for Linux

Any idea if this is on the cards? I'd like to upgrade a customer to 5, but given support only seems to be for windows hosts on this version i'm a bit stuck


Re: Ops Manager 5 support for Linux

By support i mean client/browser support.

Re: Ops Manager 5 support for Linux


If you are installing OnCommand 5.0 on a Linux server, the browser should be used from a windows based machine.  The OnCommand software does not provide browser support for Linux hosts.

You can install NMC in a Linux machine.


Re: Ops Manager 5 support for Linux

I know that.

The reason for the question is the customer in question is a Linux shop, there aren't any windows hosts to run up.  You can still access the DFM back-end of version 5 with a Linux based browser and we have NMC access, but without the wrapper its a bit fiddley

We currently run V4 with has browser support for Linux, i was just wondering if Linux support was on the cards at all for V5

Re: Ops Manager 5 support for Linux

The linux browser support is being added in the upcoming relase 5.1.




Re: Ops Manager 5 support for Linux

Will 5.1 support creation/management of qtree in manually, externally created volumes?

We have some of those with quite a big number of qtree and migrating to a new volume provisioned by oncommand will not be so simple.

When it should be released?



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Re: Ops Manager 5 support for Linux

Hi Francesco,

     Unfortunately this requirement did not make it for this release too.



Re: Ops Manager 5 support for Linux

Thanks for the response, any ETA on shipping for 5.1? We'd like to deploy but without client support it wouldnt go down well

Re: Ops Manager 5 support for Linux

HI Shane,

OnCommand 5.1 Beta program has started. Check this link:



Re: Ops Manager 5 support for Linux