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Ops Manager and DFM relationship

In order to use Operations Manager is a having DFM server a requirement?

All the documentation I can find does not seems to be very clear on this.




Re: Ops Manager and DFM relationship

Hi Jay:

Just to be clear, DFM and OM are the same product. Operations Manager is the new name for the product formally known as Data Fabric Manager (DFM).

That being said, some kind of external server is required to run Operations Manager. Currently it supports Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Re: Ops Manager and DFM relationship

Greetings Jay

Allow me to expand on Adam's reply.

DataFabric Manager (DFM) is the server component. This component is the heart of the system and runs on a dedicated (no other applications installed) server. Operatoins Manager is the web-based UI that is used to configure/manage/monitor/etc. objects in the DFM database, and is the overall name for the software. Note that there is also a commmand-line interface that is accessible directly on the DFM server itself. Operations Manager also has the components Performance Advisor (included with the package), Protection Manager (licensed component) and Provisioning Manager (licensed component). Your sale/account team should provide more help with identifying your needs and which options match your needs/requirements.

In short: DFM is the heart of the software (server component). Operations Manager is the web-based UI for management/configuration/monitoring. The NetApp Management Console (NMC) provides access to Performance Advisor, Protection Manager, and Provisioning Manager components.


Re: Ops Manager and DFM relationship

Thanks Alex, your explanation does clarify the DFM/Ops manager components. DFM server is a requirement for the Ops Manager GUI component to work.



Re: Ops Manager and DFM relationship

If you can get your boss to sign off on a 'big server' do it. We have 9 filers now and DFM now runs very slow. It was OK when their were just 4 servers however.

Re: Ops Manager and DFM relationship

TR-3440 is the sizing guide for OpsMgr, available here:

This sizing guide is a guide for **minimal** requirements for basic monitoring. If you plan on adding mulitple objects and enabling Performance Advisor, the server will need to be scaled appropriately to handle the load. Note also the order of performance for host OS: Linux --> Windows --> Solaris, as well the limitations on number of nodes for Solaris. It is always best to engage your sales/account team with your current and future scaling needs to verify sizing. The sales/account team can engage additional resources internally if needed to doublecheck sizing.

Re: Ops Manager and DFM relationship

Hi Guys,

just want to know, is there any connection between the Operation Manager and the protection manager & Provisioning manager. is there any option as if i can access both protection manager and provisioning manager from Operation Manager.

I am using Operation Manager 4.0.



Re: Ops Manager and DFM relationship

Hi Vinay,

     DFM server is the central piece, Operations, Protection and Provisioning Managers are the application running on it.

The UI for Protection and Provisioning is NetApp Management Console ( NMC ) and for Operations Manager is web Ui. You cant access all the 3 from same interface.

BTW 4.0 is a very old release, I strongly recommend you to upgrade to 5.0.2P1 the current GA release. Its also a 64bit architecture while 4.0 is 32bit.



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