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PA Export for one period


I search the ability to export performance data advisor or generate reports for a given period.

For example I would generate the report "Lun performace summary"  from 11 January 09AM to 11AM.

On the bottom of the report I only see : last, 1d, 1w, 1m, 1y.

Thank you.


Re: PA Export for one period

Hi Cyril,

     If you are looking at that granular data, you will have to use the NetApp Managment Console export which allows your to specific a custom period or use the dfm perf data reterive cli to pull data.

What you are looking at is the Operation Manager Console reports that only give pre-defined periods like 1d, 1w etc.



Re: PA Export for one period

yes I found what I needed.
You must go to file, next export in the
NetApp Managment Console.

Thank You

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