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PM Customer Question - qtree name changes effect backups?

Hello everyone ... got an interesting question from a customer and I wanted to share this with the fourm.  He is working with support but I am hoping to see if anyone here has encountered this.

Question from customer:

I created some source qtrees in a volume for the users.  The names were gold and designer.  Somebody decided to change the names to Gold (capital G) and designers (plural).  The qtrees are still valid but PM hasn't started backing up the new qtrees yet.  The conform now option doesn't work.  It seems to be wanting to create a new volume for some reason.  That is partially related to the calls Daniel is working on.  

I don't know how to get it to start backing up the new qtrees. 


I do not know if a new base line was created or not before the qtree name changes; if anyone has thoughts please let me know.




Re: PM Customer Question - qtree name changes effect backups?


Protection of a newly discovered volumes/qtrees is a two step process.

The fsmon runs every 15mins which needs to discover first.Then the conformance mon which runs every 1 hour.

So both these mon needs to run for the newly created volumes or qtress to be discovered and protectied in a dataset.

So if you want them to be protected immediately run "dfm host discover <filer id/name/ip>" on the filer. and run

dfpm dataset conform -D <data-set-name-or-id> to see teh dry drun results, which will tell you what it is going to do.

Then run dfpm dataset conform -a <data-set-name-or-id> to give confirmation for the dry run results.



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