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Password Parameters

I'm trying to avoid clear text passwords in my Powershell scripts by passing them as variables from WFA where only Operators would be able to see these in the Workflow Commands, which is an improvement over having them in the scripts - however the parameters will be visible in the Execution output to Operators etc which will not do. Is there any facility in WFA to manage password variables or any variable types which when chosen are not displayed in the Execution output?


Re: Password Parameters



Is this the controller password you are talking about?

For what purpose are you passing the passwords? Is it only for authentication?

If so, You can always configure the controller passwords at execution>credentials.

You can include a statement at the beginning of your command:

Connect-WfaCluster -Node $Cluster // For C-mode


Connect-WfaController -Array $Array // For 7-mode

That will take care of authentication

Re: Password Parameters


There is a new feature named 'password as user input' coming up in the next release, scheduled towards

end of this year. With that feature, there will be another user input type known as password.

Password won't be visible in clear text in the user input screen.

Also it won't be logged in the log files.

Is this what you are looking for?



Re: Password Parameters

Hi Abhi

That's exactly what I want - therefore WFA will hold the passwords and we can use the security of WFA to restrict access to the passwords.

So, there's no alternative currently than encrypting the password and de-encrypting in the PS script?


Re: Password Parameters

Hi Bryce,

     For now you may add the systems as a host in under credentials and access them as a hack.



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