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Performance Advisor thresholds on multiple instances of processor

IHAC who wants to create a very unique performance threshold in Performance Advisor.  They have a FAS6070 which has multiple processors per controller.  They want a performance threshold that triggers on the following condition:

If Processor0:processor_busy > 90%   AND   Processor1:processor_busy is > 90%   AND   Processor2:processor_ busy is >90%

(Please don't ask why or debate why they shouldn't do this.  Please just focus on contributing an answer to this question.)

I cannot seem to create a threshold that does this.  When I select the processor_busy counter from the processor object, it doesn't give me the option to specify which processor it applies to.  It only allows me to select an entire storage controller. 

Is there a way to accomplish this in Performance Advisor?


Re: Performance Advisor thresholds on multiple instances of processor

Hi Reide,

You can’t create a threshold with below condition

If Processor0:processor_busy > 90% AND Processor1:processor_busy is > 90% AND Processor2:processor_ busy is >90%

Because you cannot select the individual processor in “Object Selection” wizard during threshold creation.



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