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Performance Manager 2.0 Thresholds schedule


we have thresholds defined for 80% of max iops and these are triggering during Backups on sundays

if any way to schedule or not trigger alerts during a time window 





Re: Performance Manager 2.0 Thresholds schedule


OPM currently does not support disabling alerts for a specific timeframe.

We will consider this suggestion for future release



Avijit Sikder

Product Manager, OPM


Re: Performance Manager 2.0 Thresholds schedule

We are looking for exactly this functionality also.


We have custom thresholds set for a lot of volumes , IOPS wise, but every morning we come in to Inbox's full of alerts triggered by the overnight backup runs.


If we could have multiple scheules to define different thresholds by time of day/week it would be perfect 🙂


If not if we could at least disable them during a time window it would be better than what we come in to every morning now.


My fear is with so many 'false' alarms real events will get missed as we keep winding the thrsholds up to try and reduce the spam.


Re: Performance Manager 2.0 Thresholds schedule

Hello Groove:


I totally agree with you that the product should provide flexibility around scheduling different thresholds. We will consider this feature in our upcoming releases.


There is a Duration field for "Create Threshold Policy" page. I have seen many users configuring the duration period to 60 minutes to minimize the alerts. MIght be a work-around for you.


Thanks for your feedback.



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