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Performance counters in provisioning workflows

Customer is looking to enhance their existing workflows by incorporating performance metrics to help them decide where to place a new workload in their environment.  Ideally we would be able to leverage IOPS and latency at the controller level.  Can someone point me to any documentation or guides we have that could help the customer determine what counters are available, and whether those can be implemented as trending over a specified period of time?


Re: Performance counters in provisioning workflows


Can you please clarify if you are looking at 7-mode or Clustered Data ONTAP ?

Also, did you get a chance to look at the dictionary entries

Array_Performance and Aggregate_Performance in performance scheme (7-Mode) and Aggregate_Performance in cm_performance schema (Clustered Data ONTAP)

In order to get that populated, you would need to create data sources for Performance Advisor in the Data Sources screen.

Once that is done, you would need to use appropriate filters in your resource selection criteria of your workflow (Example filter: Filter aggregates in arrays with high disk throughput)




Re: Performance counters in provisioning workflows

Thanks Shailaja.  We would be looking at both 7M and cDOT. 

Where can i find instructions on how to setup the dictionary entries?   What would be the best document to start with?

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