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Performance data

I normally use “stats show” and “sysstat” command to collect the Netapp storage performance data and do self analysis.

But now I was trying to see which all volumes have more write and which all volumes have more read operations in a period of say 7 days or 15 days.

While doing I thought to install DFM and Performance advisor. But with the new OnCommand thing, I found that DFM is now OnCommand Core, which does not have this info, neither I can found Performance Advisor in NOW site, to install on top of OnCommand Core. In Oncommand Core, you get some capacity utilization, dedup level etc info for volumes, but there is no info about the performance parameters, like I get in “stats show”, volume read/write latency, volume iops etc captured for a period

Also the OnCommand System Manager is having a performance tab, but it is a basic one with real time data of the top level filers, and there is no way to capture data for a specific period say 7 days or 15 days, neither I get anything regarding the volume statistics.

So I must be missing something, and would appreciate your help in this regard.




Re: Performance data

Hi Rajdeep,

Yes, as you said DFM is renamed as Oncommand . Performance Advisor is bundled along with the Oncommand installer. Once you have Oncommand core installed you can download NMC client from Oncommand UI, which has the performance advisor tool inbuilt on NMC UI.

Please follow the TR links as stated below to deploy oncommand unified manager and best practices guidelines  :



Re: Performance data

I was playing with the performance Advisor today, and found that I can create custom views, where I can add chart of my choice and also can events. But I can only add/delete/copy the custom view, I cannot open it, and as a result the custom view which I have created is not showing up in the main view drop down list.

I think I am missing something small, can someone help.

Re: Performance data

Go to NMC-->Setup-->Custom Views-->select the custom view you have created --->click open , you should be able to see the custom view created.

Do let us know the procedure you have followed to create a custom view ?

Re: Performance data

Sorry Seshu,

I think you have not got my problem.

Actually I have mentioned that I cannot open the custom view which I created.

Now the way I created was..

NMC-->Performance Advisor-->Setup--> Custom Viiew-->Add

And then I added a view..

Once the custom view addition got completed, I found that the open button is not highlighted. SO I can only edit/delete/copy this view.

Also as expected, this custom view is not available in the views menu, only the default ones are listed in the drop down menu.

BTW, I am using the latest OnCommand Core and latest NMC version 3.1


Re: Performance data


Can we have Webex session? let me know your convenient time..will send you the Webex invitation and take this issue further.

I am available any time between 9 AM to 10 PM IST. Can I have your contact number and e-mail?



Re: Performance data

My email id is:

You can schedule a time as per your choice, and let me know.