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Please Sort Cluster Names Alphabetically

For the full release of Unified Manager 6.4 and Performance Manager 2.1, I'd like to make the recommendation to the designers to sort the clusters in the dashboard view alphabetically.

Surely this is a simple thing to do and would be much more convenient than scrolling for the one I'm looking for. Same thing goes for the vserver list in stand-alone system manager prior to the new 8.3.1 versions. Thanks.


Re: Please Sort Cluster Names Alphabetically

Thanks for the comments, and much appreciated. 


I have raised a tracking defect in the product, and lets hope to get it fixed in the next release.




Re: Please Sort Cluster Names Alphabetically

I'd like to see drag and drop for items on the favorite dashboard.


Since Unif. Mgr. and Perf. Mgr. are more and more integrated maybe it would be easier to just end up with 1 Appliance...



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