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PowerMax and OCI...

If you are deploying EMC PowerMax into your environment, and are an OCI customer, you:


#1. Are very likely going to need a datasource patch

#2. You really want to take this opportunity to reassess what EMC Solutions Enabler versions are deployed in your environment.


If you have OCI Solutions Enabler datasources, you want to map out:


Which datasources live on which Acquisition Unit?

Are those datasources utilizing Solutions Enabler "client / server" mode, or do they have "local" access to Symmetrix arrays?


When you have more than one Solutions Enabler datasource on an AU, that implies that at least one of them is using client / server mode. It is at this point, you need to start contemplating what the SolEnabler version is on those servers.


Hypothetical scenario:


Datasources X,Y and Z live on one OCI AU. That OCI AU can only have one Solutions Enabler version installed. That SE version needs to be the same as, or older, than the servers that those 3 datasources talk to.


If you have 8.3, 8.4 and 9.0 installed on those 3 servers, you can only conceivably install SE 8.3 on the OCI AU because that is the newest version that is not newer than any of those 3 servers.


But the problem is - if you are using 8.3 as a client against 9.0, is that going to return reliable information about a PowerMax, given that 8.3.x pre-dates the PowerMax by a few years? There are likely going to be aspects of PowerMax that 8.3 cannot express.


So, in situations like this, you may need to:

Deploy new RAUs, on which different SE versions live, to live in harmony with version matching rules

Maintain SE version standards / avoid SE version sprawl - don't only deploy SE 9.0 where you need to for PowerMax - instead, deploy it consistently to avoid version compatibility headaches.


Re: PowerMax and OCI...

Good info. This is about to come up for us as we are adding our first PowerMax.

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