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Problem OnCommandSystemManager 3.0

Hi everybody

i have a problem with my systemmanager. Look at the picture, i cannot see my volumes cause the lines are too small.

A fresh installation of flash, java & system manager do not fix it.. its a windows 7 installation.

Have you any idea how to fix it?

Greetings Mario

.....sry about my bad english


Re: Problem OnCommandSystemManager 3.0

Hi Mario,

What screen resolution are you using?   This has been observed previously when running System Manager on a system with a high resolution.



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Re: Problem OnCommandSystemManager 3.0

You are right.

im using 2560x1440

if i choose 1600x1024 the screen of command manager looks normal

Re: Problem OnCommandSystemManager 3.0

The OCSM 3.0 Quick Start guide has this to say regarding screen resolution:

Page 9

You should be aware of the following information:

•    You should use a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels for optimal viewing.

Note:  You must ensure that the screen width does not exceed 2000 pixels.



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