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Protection Manager - SnapVault Secondary is not large enough


I am performing the B2D with onCommand 5 's Protection Manager whereby I hit with this scenerio.

Source volume : 1.4TB

Destination volume 10.0 TB

But, when I intend to add the 1.4TB volume , PM keep prompting error msg destination is not large enough shown in KBytes

Have any of you face this before and what the work around. I am pretty sure the destination has plenty of space to accommodate the source volume for SV.


I have enable the dynamic sizing of secondary volume.

dpDynamicSecondarySizing          Enabled

Re: Protection Manager - SnapVault Secondary is not large enough

Is your source volume dedupe enabled ? If so can you get the output of the following cli ? dfm detail <volumename-or-id> | grep -i dedup or | findstr /i dedup if the DFM server is on windows.



Re: Protection Manager - SnapVault Secondary is not large enough

Hi Adaik.

My source volume is dedup enabled.

Later I log a case with NetApp and found out that, I need to thin provision my destination and take advantage of PM Auto Provisioning.

There is some formula that built within PM that caused the size to be extremely huge, which it take into consideration the growth rate for source volume. With below formula.

ProjSecSz = 1.1 * max[(2.0 * PriCurUsedSz), (1.2 * PriVolTotalSz)]

That ' s what I missed and caused me to expand the dest volume each time! I wish NetApp share the documentation rather than customer find out like me by log in a case.

Captured explanation from NetApp Engineer:

  • PriCurUsedSz is the Active File System Used Size of the Primary Volume.
  • PriVolTotalSz is the Primary Volume Total Size.
  • 1.1 is a fixed, 10% margin added to volumes.
  • 2.0 is determined by the global, hidden option dpSrcVolUsedPct. By default it is set to 200% in order to provide sufficient overwrite reserve for LUN containing volumes.
  • 1.2 is determined by the global, hidden option dpSrcVolTotalPct.     By default it is set to 120% in order to estimate Projected Size     roughly the same size (initially) as in "classic" secondary     provisioning.

Note: With the Volume Fan-In feature enabled (i.e., dpMaxFanInRatio > 1), the primary volume sizes are replaced by the sum of all volumes fanning into the secondary volume.

Btw, I need to specify my setup:

Initially, I set the dpMaxFanInRatio = 8 so that I can put multiple source volume into a Dataset, the above cause me to drop this finally and right now I am having a 1 to 1 relationship for my SnapVault (Backup).