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Provision Storage for Vmware


I have stomble across a issue that i want to have some help with. Im trying to Provision Storage for Vmware using the wizard but System Manager dont let create a volume that is bigger than the smallest aggregate.

There are two aggregates, as you can see in the picture below. Im trying to create a 2T volume and System Manager says that it cant be bigger than the smallest aggregate.

If i try and do this with Create Volume it works. Is this some sort of bugg or is there a way around this?


Re: Provision Storage for Vmware

it looks like a bug.

you can either create the volume & later present it as a datastore to VMware, or use the wizard, make 1.66TB volume & grow it later.


Re: Provision Storage for Vmware

ofc can i make a small one and make it bigger. Its a good workaround. But is this a known problem?

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