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Provisioned Usable Capacity Report

I am trying to create a report using the  "Weekly Capacity Fact: Provisioned Usable Capacity (TB)" metric.

I can get a report that looks like what I want using that field plus Full Date, however I would like to filter this down to just one data center.  Once I throw in the "Data Center" metric, I get "No Data Available".  If there a way for me to get weekly provisioned usable capacity broken down by data center?




Re: Provisioned Usable Capacity Report

The first question is do you have data center annotated on all of your storage and switch assets?

The second questions is if so, when did you do so?

My first recommendation would be to fire up query studio, and from the simple capacity mart, drag over data center - what do you see? If it is N/A, then your assets have not been annotated yet

Re: Provisioned Usable Capacity Report

Yes, Data Center is annotated on all arrays and switches and has been for a long time.

If I drag over Data Center from the simple data mart it shows the 4 data centers I have configured in SANscreen.

Re: Provisioned Usable Capacity Report

Ok, that is good.

When you are using the advanced data mart, try dragging Data Center over from the Storage Dimension - does that work?

Re: Provisioned Usable Capacity Report

If I drag over data center from the advanced data mart, I get my 4 data centers, and N/A.  From the simple data mart I just get the 4 data centers.