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Provisioning Manager err=13114

What is referenced by "Internal Error (err=13114)" using Provisioning Manager.  I received it yesterday allocating a qtree in a vfiler.  There is no other information available.


Re: Provisioning Manager err=13114


I assume you hit this in a provisioning job.

Can you provide the job details (dfpm job details <provisioning-job-id>)

Also, provide the hosting filer OS version.



Re: Provisioning Manager err=13114

There is nothing listed in the conformance.log and dfpm job list doesn't show any activity for the volume in question. Dfmserver.log shows only "Failed to create thread".


Re: Provisioning Manager err=13114

Hi Sean,

I need to understand exactly where/why this is happening to debug this.

Can you please send me the screenshot or CLI output where you are seeing this particular message of "Internal Error (err=13114)"

If you can also describe the steps that caused it, it will be of help.

Also, can you send the output of:

prompt> dfm host diag <hosting_filer>

prompt> dfm diag

"Dfmserver.log shows only "Failed to create thread"."

Is this message only once in dfmserver.log or there are too many such messages. If you can attach dfmserver.log thats also fine.



Re: Provisioning Manager err=13114

See case 2001095953