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Qtree reports in OCI DWH

Hello all,


I'm stumped and perhaps someone out there has some "insight"?  


I am running a few reports, and it came to my attention that I have a qtree that shows up in one of my reports (built from Inventory) but does not show up in another (Chargeback).  Is there a reason why a qtree whould show up in one place and not another?  


I'm sure I'm missing a really obvious detail, but if you could please help point me in the right direction I would be most grateful.


Thank you,



Re: Qtree reports in OCI DWH

On at least some version of OCI, Qtrees and Internal Volumes without Application annotations set do not appear in  Chargeback at all.  this is different from Volumes without such metadata, which are accounted for in Chargeback.  Could that be what's going on in your reports? 

Re: Qtree reports in OCI DWH

Hi moechnig,


I don't have applications annotated for any of the qtrees.  Of the 85 qtrees, 84 are showing up as expected in Chargeback.  One remains elusive.


To provide a bit more detail, this share is on an Isilon.  And at least in our environment, the isilon is treated as one giant internal volume in OCI.  The quotas set help us to see what the capacity and used capacity is.  It is used as a read-only export for replication purposes as are all the qtrees on this array.  The data that is being replicated is from an HCP object store array that OCI is not currently acquiring.  This is the only unique thing between it and it's 84 friends.

Re: Qtree reports in OCI DWH

Other Isilon qtrees are working as expected?  Is this the only one that's a replication target? 

Re: Qtree reports in OCI DWH

They are all replication targets.

Re: Qtree reports in OCI DWH

I guess I've stumped the board Man Surprised


I'll see if I can open a case on this.  When I looked further, the DWH seems to have been able to report on my missing qtree one time under Chargeback, in September 2016, then no more.  I can only find this one historical instance to report on.  Also tried the Qtree data mart, same as Chargeback; Sept 2016 only, nothing current.

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