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Query results only workflow?

Can anyone provide hints on creating a workflow that only returns the results from a filter query?  Customer wants to integrate storage into their automatic provisioning process and one of the requirements is being able to list all of the luns for a specific external customer (via REST).  I've played around with the C-mode No-Op command and a repeat row using the filter, but it tries to return data for a completely different cluster.  Other attempts using the filter for the No-Op lun parameter only returns data for one lun.





Re: Query results only workflow?

I should probably specify that multiple results are expected, and all results should be returned to the calling RESTful client.  From what I'ved found, the No-Op command only returns one result.

Re: Query results only workflow?

Found this thread:


showing that filters can be called directly via the REST API (I think), so I'm going to play around with that.

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