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RBAC API - nsm Access to syslog


I wish to create a role where by a users may have access to read the syslog object in system manager.

I cannot seem to find the api that will allow this access. could someone provide some insight as to how I may go about this.




RBAC API - nsm Access to syslog

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Colin -

There are no system manager capabilities to create roles from.  However there are API capabilities to create roles.  The capability would be for the API, file-read-file, which allows the user to read any file given a path.  If a role was created that only allowed http login and file-read-file, I can imagine System Manager would not do well.  System Manager 1.x was not designed to interogate roles.

If you want a syslog reader, I reccommend creating a program that uses file-read-file to obtain syslog information.


   - Rick -


RBAC API - nsm Access to syslog

Here's  a good TR from Ron our Security TME which has a section on System Manager and custom roles.  Its for the previous version but has some good info.   

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