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Real time disk monitoring - IOPS per disk

Utilizing OnCommand System Manager 2.0R1, do I have the ability to monitor IOPS per disk in real time or an mean average? If so, where might I find this function.

Are there any other ways I may go about obtaining this information?

I have been able to get a snapshots of IOPS per disk from perfstat but wish to monitor actively vs. reading a static log.

Any and all input appreciated. Thanks in advance,



Re: Real time disk monitoring - IOPS per disk

There is no way to monitor disk IOPs from system manager.

The closest "graphical" way to see is using performance advisor and drill down to aggregate level which will give you aggregate iops and top disk-busy %

personally if im after seeing what the load on a particular aggregate is i use statit from the command line. - its a advanced-mode command that you start counters with "statit -b" and then finish with "statit -e"  - this will then display lots of stats, including the per-disk busy stats per aggregate which is good for seeing if your disks are bottlenecking performance.

Re: Real time disk monitoring - IOPS per disk

OnCommand Insight Balance and Perform are products that both do this, and much more.