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Reference to volume in a repeat row

Hi all,

I've got a workflow in which I create a number of volumes in a repeat row, with the volume name simply incrementing with each iteration through the loop.  I then need to create two LUNs in each of these volumes that get created.  The first LUN is easy enough to do, as I just reference back to the volume in the repeat row and it selects the current volume for that iteration each time.  The next LUN I need to create is in another row though, so how do I reference the volume from each iteration in the previous repeat row as I iterate through the 2nd set of LUNs I'm creating in these previously created volumes?  Is there any trick to referencing these volumes, or do I need to use a finder?  Thanks for any ideas!



Re: Reference to volume in a repeat row

Hi Mike,

Is there any reason why you can't have the creation of the 2nd LUN in the same repeat row as the creation of the Volume and 1st LUN?  You want to create 2 LUNs in each volume, every time, right?

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Re: Reference to volume in a repeat row

Well, that would be an easy way to do it, wouldn’t it?

I had always (incorrectly) assumed that you could only add a command to a workflow once.  After seeing your suggestion, I now see that you can add the same command to a workflow more than once so that you can run that command multiple times in the same repeat row.



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