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Refresh / Rediscover before executing a workflow

Context :

  • Clustered ONTAP 8.2, WFA 2.1, OCUM 6.0RC1

Use Case :

  • Executed a workflow that creates a volume, snapvaults and then mirrors that backup (all working great)
  • Realized, that I would like to rename snapmirror policies or re-create within the vserver and so deleted the volume (using ONTAP CLI) and snapmirror policies (using system manager)
  • Executed the workflow again, but then it fails since it is not updated to reflect the new policies

Question :

  • Is there a pre-cursor workflow that ensure a discovery is performed before execution ?
  • I couldn't find a "dfm host discover <host>" alternative for OCUM 6.0 managing a cDot / cluster ?
    • Does anyone know how to reduce the default host discovery to a more granular time e.g. 5 mins ?
    • Also, how to then have the same acquisition discovery from within WFA2.1 ?




Re: Refresh / Rediscover before executing a workflow

One comment: If you had used WFA to create the SnapMirror policies, your "backup then mirror" workflow would have seen them without any refreshes. This is due to the reservation feature of WFA.

But to answer you question, currently there is no supported OCUM6 API to refresh the clusters on-demand. Also, you cannot change the discovery interval from the default value of 15 minutes.



Re: Refresh / Rediscover before executing a workflow


Neelesh is correct.  That said, the API and capability IS being added into OC UM 6.1, so this capability should be available soon.



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