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Removing Volumes from removed LUNs

I do operations only via the web interface/OnCommand.  We have 2 FAS2552 running 9.1P7, supplying some LUNs via iSCSCI.


I previously had to remove some LUNs, but for some reason I see the underlying Volumes still listed under the aggregates.  Is there a way to do this via OnCommand or do I have to verify each Volume is not being used and delete them via command line?  Will the command line squawk if the LUN still exists (will it do some checking?)  I can do the checking by listing the LUNs and comparing them to the Volume names.


I am not sure it makes a difference, but the LUNs were made with Space Reservation disabled.




Re: Removing Volumes from removed LUNs

Hi there,


Since volumes can hold multiple LUNs, removing a single LUN does not delete the volume as well.


You can delete those volumes in the OnCommand System Manager GUI - select them and change to offline, best practice then suggests to leave it at least 24 hours, and then delete.


I don't remember if it prompts when you take it offline if there is a still a LUN on there - probably worth checking yourself. 


Hope this helps!

Re: Removing Volumes from removed LUNs

Thanks.  I suppose one could reuse the volume on another lun?


I did offline the volumes and waited before I deleted the volumes, which is good practice.

Re: Removing Volumes from removed LUNs

You could re-use it, but there's no point, and I'd recommend not doing it (for example, when going through your snapshots, how would you remember when one use stopped and the other started?)

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