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My environment runs on VMWare ESXI5.1, I'm currently using Unified  Manager to monitor the volume and aggregate utilization. I have volumes  that are used for the VMware datastore but i would like a report that  would dump a list of the VM guest from the datastore which can indicate  how frequently the guest are in use based on utilization.

is there anything on Unified Manager that can output this type of report?


Re: Reporting


I am not aware of any such report in Unified Manager.



Re: Reporting

HI CANCHUNDIA Im currently using   oncomand balance  doing some test  and at this point I was able to exports some reports   from  the tool  that explain how is the usage of the data store, the vms inside of the data store and cpu utilization.


Now I do the installation of  host package 1.3 in  my ocum 5.1  environment  and I was able to see  on detail  from the storage to the vm  but not in a reporting may be you can try to use the   host package  and see if that help yuo



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