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our OCUM 7.1 database is corrupt. If I remove a cluster, the cluster nodes still remain in the database. 


How can I reset the database without removing and reinstalling the application?




Re: Reset OCUM DB

Hi Marcus,


Which version of OCUM 7.1 are you using? Is it a windows or linux installer or the vSphere vApp?

I'll see if i can find any information on reseting the OCUM database schema to the default install.

Do you have a database backup you can restore from that is in a known stable state?


Please note the following KB article as AV scanning software can result in DB corruption so it's important to create scanning exclusions.


Additionally if you are using WFA with OCUM then you might want to reset your WFA datasource afterwards.


  1. Login to your WFA portal using an account that has the admin role assigned to it
  2. Click the "Execution" tab
  3. Select "Data sources" from the navigation menu
  4. Select the OCUM datasource, right click on it and select "Reset Scheme"
  5. Once reset, right click on the datasource and select "Acquire Now"

Hope that helps



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Re: Reset OCUM DB



It's OCUM on RHEL.


You can reset it:


/etc/init.d/ocie stop
/opt/netapp/ocum/bin/db r umadmin


and recreate the maintenance user:




But the script doesn't work. It wants to use following parameters that are not supported by the adduser command:




Fix the script:


chmod 755


removing the parameters.


Log in with the user you created.






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