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Resource Pool > Member Nearly full

Hi All,

A customer of ours is using Protection Manager to make backups of a HA cluster.

Since this week we are getting the error message that one of the members of the resource pool is almost full (95%). The resource pool it self still has 44% available. The resource pool consists out of 12 aggregates.

I'm trying to find out if we need to take manual action in order to resolve this issue, like moving on of the volumes to another aggregate. Or does Protection Manager does this by itself, like starting the new backup on the most least used member in the resource pool.

I can't seem to find a soothing answer to this.

Any insight on this is welcome.




Re: Resource Pool > Member Nearly full

Hi Martijnvana,

Were you able to resolve the issue ?  How did you go about doing it ?


Re: Resource Pool > Member Nearly full

I resolved the issue. Looking back it was quite easy.

In Protection Manager go to Hosts > Aggregates. Right click the aggregate that's almost full and select Manage Space.

Then choose the option you want. In my case Migrate volume.

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Re: Resource Pool > Member Nearly full

Thanks. That is exactly what I am doing now. 🙂

I have two controllers part of a resource pool. I moved a volume from one aggr on one controller to another aggregate of 2nd controller. After volume migration, I have observed that the spaced has not been freed up from the source controller. Any thoughts why the space was not claimed back by the source controller?

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